Specialist Skin Care

Specialist Skin Care

The Laser Centre stocks a variety of medically prescribed skin care creams, washes, scrubs and serums you will not be able to buy in the high street or online. This includes The Laser Centre (tlc) signature skin care range, introduced in 2016.


Gold standard treatment for unsightly “spider” leg veins, blue or red Consultation and test patch £30.

First treatment


Follow up treatments



The latest form of Cryotherapy, the freezing of skin tags, verrucas, actinic & seborrhoeic keratosis, solar lentigos and other benign skin lesions.

1-5 Lesions


5-10 Lesions


10-15 Lesions



Suitable for all skin types. The only treatment that offers hydradermabrasion, a chemical peel, painless extractions / pore cleaning and then delivers directly into the skin some powerful antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and peptides. An addition of red led for skin tightening or blue led for acne is included.



Plasma Pen

The latest anti-ageing market leading device designed to reduce lines & wrinkles, brightening the skin, stimulating cell repair & new cell production. For all areas of the face and eyes.
Results lasting 3 years or longer.

Price dependent on size of area to be treated


Most treatments at The Laser Cente require a consultation beforehand. This is your time to fully discuss requirements and it enables us to assess your skin and advise the right treatment for you. Test patching for Ruby Laser is also essential. This is in the interests of best professional practice.



Specialist Skin Care

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